Hearing loss is a medical disorder that affects more than 30 million adults. Taking care of your sense of hearing is healthy habit at any age, says Katharine Buckley, AuD, audiologist at Saint Peter's University. 
Experiencing one of the following? You probably need your hearing tested.

  1. Trouble following conversations when two or more people speak at once
  2. Trouble following conversations in a setting with a noisy background
  3. Problems hearing during a phone conversation
  4. Confusion about where sounds are located
  5. Having to ask people to repeat themselves
  6. Problems hearing or understanding speech 
  7. Thinking that most people mumble or do not speak clearly
  8. Misunderstanding others 
  9. Listening to the television too loudly 
  10. Not hearing the telephone or doorbell ring 
  11. Avoiding activities because of problems with hearing and understanding speech
Need a hearing test? Watch this tour to find out what happens during a hearing test. 

The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Saint Peter's University Hospital offers comprehensive diagnostic and rehabilitative services to children and adults with hearing impairments and disorders. Call 732-937-6026 for more information or to make an appointment. A prescription from your doctor is required for therapy services and a referral may be necessary.

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